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Writing NEW Music NOW!
We have decided to lay off shows for a while in order to write new material. We are excited to write new songs that we have had in our back pockets for a LONG time now, as well as some other stuff that we will pull out of our punk asses in the process. We will keep you posted on new music, with song titles or clips from practice or whatever we come up with. Keep an eye on Facebook, it will moooost likely show up there first, due to convenience.

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Listen to two tracks from the album:

'86 Monte Carlo (Lyric Video)

Old Updates:

So here at STL headquarters we have been working on the final touches of the new album entitled "Rabble Rouser".  It is in the final stages and should be out in the near future.  We have also had a bit of a lineup change during this process and are working very hard to get our new drummer Lenin Parada into the mix.  We are stoked to be playing with him and are already writing kick ass material that won't even be on the new album but is being performed live and stock piled for the next release.  Everybody stay tuned and spread the word. All hell is about to break loose.

- Josh

Welcome Lenin!
and then.......

Welcome to the family.


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